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  • the global observatory for physical activity (GoPA)

    Dit rapport bevat van 217 landen informatie over o.a. algemene informatie over het land (inwonertal, levensverwachting) aantal doodsoorzaken gerelateerd aan inactiviteit prevalentie van lichaamsbeweging, inwoners van 18 jaar en ouder…

  • a pooled analysis of 1.7 million US adults

    Objective: Both aerobic physical activity and muscle-strengthening exercise are recommended for obesity prevention. However, at the population level, the independent and/or combined associations of these physical activity modalities with obesity…

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  • a narrative review of sedentary behaviour research paradigms and findings

    Sedentary behaviour (SB) has been proposed as an ‘independent’ risk factor for chronic disease risk, attracting much research and media attention. Many countries have included generic, non-quantitative reductions in SB…

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  • a systematic review and critical appraisal

    Objective: To summarise the literature on the economic burden of physical inactivity in populations, with emphases on appraising the methodologies and providing recommendations for future studies. Design: Systematic review following…

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  • a global analysis of major non-communicable diseases

    Direct health-care costs, productivity losses, and disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) attributable to physical inactivity were estimated with standardised methods and the best data available for 142 countries, representing 93,2% of the…

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  • an exploration of literature

    To reverse the global epidemic of physical inactivity that is responsible for more than 5 million deaths per year, many groups recommend creating “activity-friendly environments.” Such environments may have other…

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