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  • Hoe gaat het met de Nederlandse bevolking? Dat is de centrale vraag in ‘De sociale staat van Nederland 2013’. Deze vraag wordt beantwoord aan de hand van een beschrijving van…

  • foundational perspectives, fourth edition

    Create an environment for a satisfying life. With a practical, contemporary focus, this text explores how leisure professionals develop atmospheres that promote a better quality of life for individuals and…

  • the report of a central steering group of officials on four local experiments, research papers, volume 2

    Four local experiments in the development of leisure activities – the Leisure Experiments – were set up in late 1973 under the sponsorship of 4 Governement Departments (Department of the…

  • a cause-deleted life table analysis

    Objectives: To determine the impact of sitting and television viewing on life expectancy in the USA. Setting: Summary RRs of all-cause mortality associated with sitting and television viewing were obtained…

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  • levelling-up the health gradient among children, young people and families in the European Union, what works?

    In all EU countries there is a systematic correlation between the level of health and social status – a step-wise decrease in health that comes with decreasing social position. These…

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  • zorg voor niet-redzame ouderen vraagt om voorzorg door iedereen

    Welke maatregelen zijn nodig om aan niet-redzame ouderen in de toekomst goede zorg en kwaliteit van leven te garanderen? Dat is de vraag die in dit RVZ-advies centraal staat.

  • improving the quality of life, second edition

    ‘Recreation and Leisure: Improving the Quality of Life’ provides an introduction and indepth overview of the ever growing field of organized recreation and leisure services. Since the release of the…

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