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Cycling for life (2018)

towards a sustainable philosophy of endurance sport

Auteur(s): Ron Welters

This dissertation focuses on one particular dimension, namely endurance sport. The phenomenon of cycling has brought endurance sport within reach of the masses. The question is, how can cycling as an endurance sport contribute not only to self-knowledge, but also to self-improvement (individual level) and to sustainability (societal level).

The dissertation builds on a continental philosophical tradition, i.e. the philosophy of among others Peter Sloterdijk, but also on ‘ecosophy’ and American pragmatism to explore the idea of sport as a voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles.

Het proefschrift is ook als handelseditie bij Springer verschenen.  

Literatuurverwijzing: Welters, R.P.M.M. (2018). Cycling for life: towards a sustainable philosophy of endurance sport. Nijmegen: Radboud Universiteit.