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Disability care in Africa (2014)

community-based rehabilitation in rural regions

This book describes the development of a differentiated network of disability care in a developing rural area consisting of a number of townships in South Africa. The network includes residential care for abandoned, neglected, and orphaned children with physical and/or intellectual disabilities; semiresidential care in group homes for young adults with a disability and daily care in day care centers for families with a disabled child in the surrounding townships; and home-based care for families with a disabled child at their homes.

What follows is an analysis of how home-based care is carried out in two other African countries, Uganda and Zimbabwe, by a nongovernmental organization in the Netherlands, aiming at direct child assistance and capacity development in developing countries. Finally, in-service training activities are described that are necessary for the transition from a residential nursing-oriented facility to a community-based care organization.

Literatuurverwijzing: Vermeer, A., & Magyarszeky, Z. (2014). Disability care in Africa: community-based rehabilitation in rural regions. Amsterdam: VU University Press.

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