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Get moving! (2013)

the IOC guide to managing sport for all programmes

This interactive document from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) contains practical tools and case studies from around the world. It aims to provide inspiration and assistance for all those developing and managing Sport for All programmes while also encouraging and supporting the sharing of health and social benefits through regular physical activity. This guide is useful for anyone who wants to develop programmes or who are developing programmes that aim at increasing participation in sport. It has ideas and recommendations on how to manage a Sport for All programme and is broken down into: – Pre-project phase: design your project and action plan – During project phase: track your progress and revisit your ideas – Post-project phase: maximise your learning outcome and share your results.

Literatuurverwijzing: International Olympic Committee (IOC) (2013). Get moving!: the IOC guide to managing sport for all programmes. International Olympic Committee (IOC).