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Getting Australia moving (2013)

establishing a physically literate & active nation (game plan)

Physical literacy and active lifestyles allow children to be fitter, smarter, happier and healthier, for life. This report reviews the evidence for the above relationships in relation to a physical literacy framework developed at the University of Canberra. After building the scientific case for promoting physical literacy in Australian children, successful models from other countries are reviewed and evaluated with a view to constructing a curriculum that both builds upon these existing programmes as well as being specific to the unique environment and culture of Australia. On the basis of this review, ten recommendations are made for any future Australian programme for promoting physical literacy.

Literatuurverwijzing: Keegan, R., Keegan, S., Daley, S., Ordway, C., & Edwards, A. (2013). Getting Australia moving: establishing a physically literate & active nation (game plan). National Institute of Sport Studies.