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HCSC (2011)

final report, technical implementation, preparatory action in the field of sport 2010-2011

The “Healthy Children in Sound Communities” (HCSC) final report on technical implementation of the project is divided into two volumes. This volume includes three parts.
In part one of the report the main purpose and objectives of the HCSC project are highlighted with references to the granted application form. A relevant part of the application form has been reprinted and is documented in the second volume, appendix A.
Part two informs about the realization and implementation of the HCSC project regarding the application form. The 10 municipalities with 16 schools out of the six participating EU-countries are recorded including three steps of development to establish the multi-purpose local network in each municipality, the sample of the participating pupils, meetings of the project partners and fact-finding tours of the lead partner and the Willibald Gebhart Research Institute as the responsible partner for programme management and evaluation of the project.
In part three the evaluation and outcome of the HCSC project is recorded in detail with references to the appendix B. The socio-demographic data of the children’s sample group were recorded; the cut-off criteria of BMI measurement and level of assessments, the range of physical fitness and motor test items are introduced and documented with reference data for evaluation assessment; the outcome of the BMI development is documented for the total and a sub-sample group of overweight and obese pupils; the outcome of the physical fitness and motor ability development and finally, the correlations between the development of the BMI and motor abilities of the sample groups. In addition, results of a study of the parents’ assessment of their children’s lifestyle factors (physical activity, media consumption, nutrition behavior) and their personal attitudes towards these lifestyle factors are included. In chapter 7 main results of the project will be discussed with final recommendations.

Literatuurverwijzing: (2011). HCSC: final report, technical implementation, preparatory action in the field of sport 2010-2011. Essen: WGI & Deutsche Sportjugend.

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