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National approaches to promote sports and physical activity in adults with disabilities (2018)

examples from the Netherlands and Canada

This study described how the Dutch and Canadian governments promote high performance sports, recreational sports, and physical activity (PA) among adults with disabilities on a national level. An internet-based study was conducted to identify and select relevant documents and websites containing information about the national approach to promote disability sports and physical activities in the Netherlands and Canada. Both governments promote high performance sports in similar ways, but use different strategies to promote recreational sports and physical activities. The Dutch approach is characterized by using timelimited programs focusing on enhancement of sports infrastructure and inter-sector collaboration in which municipalities have key roles. The Canadian government promotes recreational sports in disabled populations by supporting programs via bilateral agreements with provinces and territories. Furthermore, the level of integration of disability sports into mainstream sports differs between countries. The findings of this study may inspire policy makers from different countries to learn from one another’s policies in order to optimize national approaches to promote disability sports and PA on all levels.

Literatuurverwijzing: Hoekstra, F., Roberts, L., Lindert, C. van, Martin Ginis, K.A., Woude, L.H.V. van der, & McColl, M.A. (2018). National approaches to promote sports and physical activity in adults with disabilities: examples from the Netherlands and Canada. Disability and Rehabilitation


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  • Uitgever(s):
    Taylor & Francis Group
  • Collatie:
    Disability and Rehabilitation, Advance Online Publication, DOI: 10.1080/09638288.2017.1423402
  • Mediumsoort:
    Artikel in wetenschappelijk tijdschrift
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    Disability and Rehabilitation
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