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Sport & exercise science education (2019)

impact on the UK economy, full report

The aim of the work presented in this report is to independently and objectively assess the economic value of Sport and exercise science (SES) to the UK.

SES, a varied set of disciplines involving the health and science of physical activity, is a hugely important part of the UK economy, with Sport England estimating that sport-related activity generates £20.3 billion per year for the English economy alone, supporting over 400,000 jobs. SES plays a crucial role in this and the wider UK economy. SES includes, but is not limited to, physiology, biomechanics, psychology, strength and conditioning, sport development, and management. SES has as part of its core the study of how the human body works during exercise. Physiology – the science that aims to understand the mechanisms of living – is a fundamental component of SES.

Literatuurverwijzing: (2019). Sport & exercise science education: impact on the UK economy, full report. The Physiological Society.