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Toolkit Keep Youngsters Involved (2019)

The Erasmus+ project Keep Youngsters Involved (KYI) aims to find answers to the question: ‘How can we prevent youngsters (age 12-19) from dropout from sport?’.

KYI identified factors that prevent youngsters from dropout from sports, by a rapid review of conducted literature. In total, nearly 150 factors were found to be linked with sports dropout in youngsters, but it was decided to focus on the factors that were known to prevent youngsters from sports dropout. These fourteen factors are Autonomy, Perceived competence / self-efficacy, Relatedness, Learning climate, Time/Goal Balance, Cost, Expectancies, Values, Coach-Athlete Relationship, Peer-Involvement in Sport, Parental Autonomy Support, Prevention Policy, Accessibility, Type of sport offer.

Per factor there are working actions for coaches/trainers and clubs.

Three cardgames were made to know more about how to implement actions in the sport club to keep youngsters (12-19 year) involved and prevent them from dropout.

Er is ook een Nederlandse versie van het kaartspel en tookit.

Literatuurverwijzing: (2019). Toolkit Keep Youngsters Involved. Ede: Keep Youngsters Involved.