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SROI in the Netherlands

The SROI indicates for the whole of society how much is invested in sport and physical activity and what the benefits are. In 2019, Rebel and the Mulier Institute calculated the SROI of sport and physical activity for the first time. The current study is an update of this earlier study. Newer data have been used and the methodology has been refined. They calculate the SROI once again for the whole of the Netherlands and for all municipalities.

Central question of this study

We define the central question of this study as follows: ‘What is the SROI of sports and physical activity, and how does it vary by municipality?’ The key sub-questions/subjects are:

  • What are the costs incurred for having people engage in sports and physical activity?
  • What are the benefits of engaging in sports and physical activity?
  • What is the SROI of sports and physical activity in the Netherlands?
  • What are the main differences with the previous SROI study and other (international) SROI studies?
  • Discussion

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