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NL Sports Week World Expo

Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity Netherlands acts as knowledge partner of the NL Sports Week during the World Expo in Dubai. This world exhibition is organized every five years and an excellent opportunity to use the power of sport for international trade, diplomacy, innovation and knowledge exchange and social programs. Together with Sportinnovator, the Orange Sports Forum and the KNVB we will present the Dutch sport sector.

From 11 to 16 December 2021, we will shine a light on the Dutch sport with various seminars live at the Expo and digitally via a live stream, with the motto ‘Changing the Game Together’.

Join us online!
Do you want to follow one of the seminars online? Register for free via Dutchdubai.com. The sign up button is located at the top in the right corner of the screen. When you have completed the registration process you can participate for free in all live streams, hosted by the Dutch pavilion. You will not receive a separate link for a specific session. 

Seminar: Where sport & physical activity meet esports, gaming & gamification
Tuesday 14 December

We share our knowledge about growing interest from the world of traditional sport & physical activity (PA) in esports, gaming and gamification (EGG). These relatively new phenomenons are often seen as a threat, while they are also opportunities to strengthen the field of sport & PA. What is esports, gaming and gamification? What connections are there between the themes? And how can they strengthen the field of sport & physical activity? A new world will open up for you.

Seminar: The importance of sport and physical activity in the lives of women and girls|
Wednesday 15 December

Powered by the Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity Netherlands,
with support of Dubai Sports Council, FBMA Abu Dhabi, TAFISA and Soroptimist International Dubai

In this seminar/webinar we exchange pitfalls and opportunities for sports and physical activity for girls and women in different countries, with a focus on empowerment and leadership. Participation in sport not only has a positive impact on health and social conditions, but also gives women the opportunity to profile their talents and achievements in society. This also improves self-esteem and confidence in female participants.


In this presentation Dion Bulkens gives an introduction to the three core themes of the webinar: esports, gaming and gamification. The themes will be explained using Dutch practical examples. Learn how you could position EGG through the lens of sports and physical activity for your organization.
In this presentation, the speaker takes you to the UAE. You'll get a glimpse of what characterizes esports in the UAE and what developments are currently taking place.
In this presentation Dr. Monique Simons will share how we can harness the power of games for promoting physical activity and health. State of the art scientific knowledge on the use of gamification and serious games for changing behaviors will be presented. Examples of gamification and serious games will be discussed on opportunities and pitfalls.
In this demonstration Peter Kortenhoeven shows you the new possibilities of combining sports and gaming with the full-body VR game Exodus Burned. Learn and see with your own eyes how these two worlds merge together live at Dubai Expo. Get to know the company behind this new world and what they can do for you.
Dion Bulkens

Dion Bulkens works as an esports, gaming and gamification (EGG) specialist at Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity in the Netherlands. He obtained his Master’s degree in Sports Policy and Management at Utrecht University. Bulkens is up to date with the developments in the field of EGG. By objectively studying these developments in practice and in scientific research he is able to provide policy makers, researchers and professionals from the field of sports and exercise with advice.

Herman IJzerman

Dr. Herman IJzerman works as a manager at Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physcial Activity in the Netherlands of both the departments Elite Sports and Esports, Gaming and Gamification. He has a background in Health Sciences and holds a PhD from Maastricht University. By objectively looking at the developments in practice and in scientific research he provides policy makers, researchers and professionals from the field of sports and physical activity with state of the art advice.

Monique Simons

Dr. Monique Simons has a background in Human Movement Sciences and holds a PhD from the VU University Amsterdam (Health Sciences) on a study of ‘active video games’. Dr. Simons is currently working as a scientific researcher at Wageningen University & Research (Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles). She works on socially relevant issues around healthy lifestyles and behavior change with partnerships between science, practice and policy.

Peter Kortenhoeven

Peter Kortenhoeven is CEO and Co-Founder of Pillow’s Willow VR studio – PWXR. PWXR is a creative organization, specializing in the development of high-end immersive VR game experiences with a strong focus on new hardware and technologies. Kortenhoeven has worked as ART Director for various game developers. Meanwhile he is introducing the world to the fullbody VR Game ‘Exodus Burned’. With this game Kortenhoeven shows his audience how gaming and sports can be intertwined.

Jacqueline Kronenburg

The participation of women and men and girls and boys in sports appears to be in balance in the Netherlands. Gender equality is certainly on the agenda, but much remains to be done. I will not only share facts and figures, but also inspiring experiences about good Dutch sports initiatives that focus on girls and women. The social value of this is becoming increasingly clear from research. In addition, attention is paid to the 14 factors that keep young people – and especially girls – involved in sport. These have been identified as part of a European funded Erasmus+ project. We show the benefits of using a special Keep Youngsters Involved card game to prevent girls from leaving their sport prematurely out of dissatisfaction.

Keri McDonald

Keri McDonald monitort het wereldwijde onderzoek naar de rol van breedtesport voor TAFISA (The Association For International Sport for All) en is projectleider voor diverse projecten die vanuit de TAFISA-missie sport en bewegen in alle werelddelen ondersteunen. Een daarvan is Europe in Action, een Erasmus+-sportproject dat Europees sportbeleid praktisch vertaalbaar wil maken voor sportclubs. Een van de aandachtsvelden daarbij is gelijkheid van vrouwen en mannen in sport. Daarnaast leidt Keri het FLOT mentorprogramma dat als doel heeft jonge Afrikaanse en Europese vrouwen voor te bereiden op een leiderschapspositie binnen de wereld van ‘sport for all’. In een video interview zal Keri mogelijkheden schetsen om de ‘gender’ kloof te verkleinen op het gebied van sportparticipatie en leiderschap in de sport.

Nefeli Chondrogianni

Nefeli Chondrogianni, communication and technical affairs manager

The mission of Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy is to create a distinct position for women’s sport in Abu Dhabi by focusing on the role of sport in society and on the aspects of education, sports training, talent sponsorship and the creation of various sporting events and tournaments. The International Conference of Sports for Women (ICSW) is FBMA’s biennial forum that aspires to facilitate an open exchange between the Emirati and the international sports industry. ICSW endorses Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak’s strategic vision that the way must be paved for women to participate in sports, emphasizing on the role of sports as an equalizer that does not discriminate on the basis of gender or disability.

Laura van Leeuwen

General manager Ajax jeugdacademie bij Sharjah FC (VAE)

In this position, Laura is responsible for ensuring good conditions for the implementation of Ajax’s football philosophy at the youth academy of Sharjah FC (UAE). She supervises and monitors the progress of the Ajax team at Sharjah FC and manages commercial activities.

Renate Wernery

Renate Wernery, from German origin, has been living and working in Dubai for 20 years as a scientist. At the moment she is President of the Soroptimist International Club Dubai. Soroptimist clubs work on grassroots projects that help women and girls achieve their individual and collective potential, realise aspirations and have an equal voice in communities worldwide. Her interest in all themes concerning the equal position of women and girls made her decide to accept the invitation to moderate this seminar/webinar.

More background: Soroptimist International is a global volunteer movement with a network of around 72,000 club members in 121 countries. SI’s representatives work across seven UN Centres worldwide to ensure that the voices of women and girls are heard, advocating for human rights and gender equality. The goal is to achieve the best for women and girls in every sphere of their lives, and thus including the societal impact of sport and PA.

Kenniscentrum Sport & Bewegen

Kenniscentrum Sport & Bewegen maakt kennis uit wetenschap, beleid en praktijk beschikbaar en toepasbaar voor professionals. Kennis over het belang en de effecten van sport en bewegen, over wat wel of niet werkt. Ook adviseren en ondersteunen we professionals bij complexe vraagstukken en het realiseren van hun eigen werkdoelen.

Orange Sports Forum


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