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A procedure for prediction of sports records (2005)

Auteur(s): Reza Noubary

Sports records are of great interest to physiologists, sport fans, and the public. Records set in different sports sheds light on human strengths and limitations and provides data for scientific investigations. This article presents a simple procedure for prediction of the future records. It is based on some results of theory of records for independent and identically distributed sequences. Adjustments are made to the data to insure the relevance of calculations and appropriateness of results. A procedure for estimation of ultimate records is also included.

Literatuurverwijzing: Noubary, R.D. (2005). A procedure for prediction of sports records. Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 1

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    Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, Volume 1, Issue 1, DOI: 10.2202/1559-0410.1001
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    Artikel in wetenschappelijk tijdschrift
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    Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports
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