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Amsterdam 2016 European Athletics Championships (2016)

economic impact and experiences

The Championships took place from 5 July to 10 July 2016 in the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium and Museum Square. Economic impact studies measure the maximum additional expenditure yielded by a certain sports event in a certain region. The economic impact in this report refers to the direct expenditure within the municipality of Amsterdam by the visitors, competitors and entourages, the Championships’ rights holders (European Athletics) and partners, volunteers, press, and the LOC as a result of the event. In total, the Championships attracted 48,000 unique visitors who paid 106,100 visits to the event. Almost 6 in 10 visitors to the event were male, almost two-thirds were 35 years or older and, again, two-thirds had completed at least a bachelor’s degree course. Six in ten came to Amsterdam specifically for the Championships and formed an important group from an economic point of view, as they yielded income from their expenditure that they would otherwise not have paid. The estimated economic impact for the municipality of Amsterdam amounted to over 7.8 million euros. In addition, the overnight stays of competitors and their entourages in hotels near Schiphol Airport resulted in an additional expenditure of 1.6 million euros for the benefit of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. The visitors awarded the Championships as a whole an average score of 8.2 (out of ten).

Literatuurverwijzing: Hover, P., Davids, A., Baart de la Faille-Deutekom, M., & Dallinga, J.M. (2016). Amsterdam 2016 European Athletics Championships: economic impact and experiences. Utrecht: Mulier Institute.