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Countries compared on public performance (2012)

a study of public sector performance in 28 countries

Auteur(s): Jedid-Jah Jonker

How well is the public sector performing? Are citizens being well served? This report compares the performance of nine public services in 28 developed countries over the period 1995-2009. Four sectors – education, health care, social safety and housing – are studied in some detail, while the report takes a more limited look at the sectors social security, environment, economic affairs and infrastructure, culture and participation, and public administration. How has the performance of the public sector developed over time? What relationships can be discerned between that performance and the resources deployed, the output achieved and the trust placed by citizens in the public sector?

Literatuurverwijzing: Jonker, J. (2012). Countries compared on public performance: a study of public sector performance in 28 countries. The Hague: The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP).

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