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Developing the EPODE academy (2017)

the needs and wishes of the members of the EIN

The EPODE International Network (EIN) wants to develop a new learning centre: the EPODE Academy. Useful for this development is a greater insight into how their members experience the existing support, the kind of support they need, and what support could help them increase the impact of their programme. In order to collect this information, EIN developed an online questionnaire and distributed it among 41 EIN members who are implementing community-based programmes based on the EPODE methodology. The results of the completed questionnaires are analysed and presented in this report (n=22). In conclusion, there is a significant desire and need for training and support from EIN. The current training options are definitely appreciated. Members feel positive about a new learning centre, but not all have set a budget for training and are willing to pay for the services of an EPODE Academy. Therefore, EIN should develop the EPODE Academy in a sustainable way so that the costs will be low and the quality of the training courses will remain high. 

Literatuurverwijzing: Slot-Heijs, J.J., & Collard, D.C.M. (2017). Developing the EPODE academy: the needs and wishes of the members of the EIN. Utrecht: Mulier Institute.

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