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Development and learning (2003)

a TASC-based perspective of the acquisition of perceptual-motor behaviors

The concepts of development and learning are discussed in terms of different theoretical orientations to the study of motor behavior. It is argued that although these concepts are commonly used to discuss various aspects of change across the life span, there is little agreement regarding the definition of these terms and even whether these are useful concepts for researchers studying change over time. A theoretical approach, the TASC-based approach is presented as an alternative account for examining change over time. The TASC label stands for a focus on particular tasks, adaptation and selection of behaviors as a function of constraints. This account is grounded in evolutionary theory and assumes that variability, selection, and adaptation are central to change over time within individuals. Emphasis is placed on the tasks individuals attempt to solve in achieving particular goals given the constraints of the local environment and the organism. An alternative manner to conceptualize the concepts of development and learning are presented within the TASC-based approach.

Literatuurverwijzing: Rosengren, K.S., Savelsbergh, G.J.P., & Kamp, J. van der (2003). Development and learning: a TASC-based perspective of the acquisition of perceptual-motor behaviors. Infant Behavior & Development (pp. 473-494)


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    Artikel in wetenschappelijk tijdschrift
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    Infant Behavior & Development
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