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Enhancing physical activity as life style behavior in older persons (2017)

the Rome Statement

Within the context of a globally aging population and associated age-related changes to social relationships and individual psycho-physiology, a coalition of mostly European Union (EU) organizations concerned with physical activity in older persons was formed in 2013. The coalition examined worldwide decreases in physical activity among older adults, and the resulting negative effects on health and function for those individuals. After holding expert panel meetings, the coalition developed recommendations about how to address macro and micro level changes to increase and sustain physical activity among older populations across Europe. The recommendations were then compiled into a consensus document called “the Rome Statement” aimed at older adults, policymakers, researchers, private and public professionals. This article presents the Rome Statement and its recommendations, and discusses how the statement can be broadly disseminated, considered and implemented. 

Literatuurverwijzing: Freiberger, E., Rydwik, E., Chorus, A.M.J., Tak, E.C.P.M., Delecluse, C., Federico, S., ... Meeteren, N.L.U. van (2017). Enhancing physical activity as life style behavior in older persons: the Rome Statement. Journal of aging and physical activity

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    Artikel in wetenschappelijk tijdschrift
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    Journal of aging and physical activity
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