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Equal access and participation of migrant women and girls in sports (2020)

a study report

Auteur(s): Victoria Schwenzer

Women’s and girls’ rights are human rights (CEDAW 1979). They comprise the right to equal access to social life, leisure activities and recreation just as well as the right to be safe from violence and discrimination. When it comes to ensuring that the rights of all women and girls are respected, the sports sphere can and must play its part.

But which role do migrant women and girls actually play in European sports? In how far is their equal access ensured? Which barriers exist for those willing to play sports and become involved in a club? Which strategies work with a view to reaching migrant women and girls via sporting activities and ultimately accomplishing their inclusion in a sports club? What recommendations can be given to sports clubs and initiatives on the basis of these findings? These are the main questions the present study aims to answer.

Literatuurverwijzing: Schwenzer, V. (2020). Equal access and participation of migrant women and girls in sports: a study report. Berlijn: Camino – Werkstatt für Fortbildung, Praxisbegleitung und Forschung im sozialen Bereich gGmbH.