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Equal access for migrant volunteers to sports clubs in Europe (2016)

a baseline study

Auteur(s): Victoria Schwenzer

Within the baseline study ‘Equal access for migrant volunteers to sports clubs in Europe’ the ESPIN Network publishes a research that covers the situation concerning the equal access for migrants and minorities to sports in seven European countries. The study includes views from experts of sport clubs, clubs for refugees and asylum seekers, minority and volunteer organizations, sport associations and social scientists. Case studies from Italy, Hungary and Germany taking a look in the practical work of minorities and migrant volunteers in sport clubs. The baseline study has a focus on sport and shows examples of sport clubs and initiatives across Europe working in the field of sport and inclusion. The study investigates barriers preventing equal access to sport clubs for those who are at risk of social exclusion. One main aim is to address volunteering of migrants and minorities in sport, with a shift of perspective: migrants are not only seen as target groups for sport offers, but as active members of a sports club in volunteer positions. Successful strategies and good-practice-examples from different European countries are described and research-based recommendations for sport clubs are given.

Literatuurverwijzing: Schwenzer, V. (2016). Equal access for migrant volunteers to sports clubs in Europe: a baseline study. Berlin: Camino – Werkstatt.