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Evaluation in sport and leisure (2023)

This book presents a critical assessment of evaluation theory and practice in sport and leisure. It considers established and emerging forms of evaluation; examines typologies, issues, contexts and processes; and asks how evaluation practice can be improved in the future.

The book seeks to uncover some of the tensions and dilemmas that are present in choosing and applying evaluation strategies. It considers the relationship between evaluation, context and evaluator to discern how and why a particular strategy is employed. It also highlights how power relationships affect and effect the evaluation process itself as well as those involved in conducting evaluations.

The book encourages the reader to challenge accepted methodologies in evaluation, whilst acknowledging the central importance of evaluation and evidence for our understanding of the social impact and value of sport and leisure.

This book is reading for any student, researcher, practitioner, manager or policy maker with an interest in sport, leisure and society.

Literatuurverwijzing: Adams, A., & Harris, K.C. (2023). Evaluation in sport and leisure. London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

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