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Event impact managementplan (2020)

guidance for creating (health) impact with running events

This document is part of the project “Promoting health-enhancing physical activity and social welfare through outdoor running events/RUN for HEALTH”. This project aims to promote sports, exercise and social well-being through the organisation of running events.

The objective of this event impact management plan is to offer guidance and inspiration for creating impact with running events, with a specific focus on creating health impact among participants and visitors. In this sense, health is defined as a broad concept and it consists of the physical, mental and social well-being of people. In addition, impact on tourism and economy and environmental sustainability are considered as well.

The event impact management plan is concise in design and aims to offer brief and practical advice for organisers of running events and their stakeholders.

This publication is based on a literature study (see Alexandris et al., 2019) and semi-structured interviews (with event organisers, sponsors and the Dutch Athletics Federation).

In chapter 2 practical guidelines are described. Concluding remarks can be found in chapter 3.

Literatuurverwijzing: Hover, P., Ooms, L., Eldert, P. van, Scheerder, J., Helsen, K., & Alexandris, K. (2020). Event impact managementplan: guidance for creating (health) impact with running events. Utrecht: Mulier Instituut.

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