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Exercise: the ultimate treatment to all ailments? (2020)

Extensive clinical research has provided robust evidence that exercise is a cost-effective measure to substantially alleviate the burden of a large number of diseases, many of which belong to the cardiovascular spectrum. In terms of cardiac benefit, the positive effects of exercise are attributed to improvements in standard risk factors for atherosclerosis, as well as to its positive impact on several pathophysiological mechanisms for cardiovascular diseases. For secondary prevention, exercise, optimally in the context of a cardiac rehabilitation program, has been shown to improve functional capacity and survival. Clinicians should encourage physical activity and provide exercise recommendations for all patients, taking into consideration any underlying pathology. In the present review, the benefits of exercise for the prevention and treatment of major cardiovascular risk factors and heart conditions are analyzed.

Literatuurverwijzing: Kasiakogias, A., & Sharma, S. (2020). Exercise: the ultimate treatment to all ailments?. Clinical Cardiology