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Forum for anti-doping in recreational sport (fair) (2019)

final report

The objectives of project FAIR are:

  • Review existing doping prevention interventions, including for food and food supplements which are aimed at sports people. Report on their good practices which are proven to be effective
  • Provide a forum for open discussion and objective thinking about reducing the prevalence of doping for performance- and image-enhancing purposes.
  • Inform key stakeholders and policy makers on evidence-based planning and encourage them to adopt the good practices and to use the information material/tools to raise awareness of doping issues to their users.

This report contains the outcomes of three years research of the project partners on two main topics: review existing doping prevention interventions and for food and food supplements across the EU 28 (plus Norway), and report on good practices.

The FAIR also set out to update the EU 28 2014 factsheet of the Study on Doping Prevention in Recreational Sport.

Literatuurverwijzing: (2019). Forum for anti-doping in recreational sport (fair): final report. EuropeActive.