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Game changer (2018)

how climate change is impacting sports in the UK

Sport is central to our national culture, providing enjoyment, boosting health and a source of passion and delight for millions. The triumph and tragedy of great sporting moments at St Andrews, the Principality Stadium or Wembley sit atop a hive of grassroots sports clubs which are woven into the fabric of our nations. But some of the UK’s best loved sports are facing an unexpected threat. Climate change, and the changing risks of extreme weather that it brings, is already affecting sports across the country. The experiences of sports clubs and players in this report, backed up by the scientific expertise of the Priestley International Centre for Climate, provide a snapshot of the problem. This report focuses on three sports with hundreds of years of history between them: golf, football and cricket. And with the report’s launch coinciding with the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, it also looks at winter sports, which are among the hardest hit by climate change as higher temperatures drive the snow line higher up the mountains. If climate change affects something as central to our lives as sport, then it’s a strong sign that wherever we look across society we’ll find similar stories and impacts. The Show the Love campaign aims to highlight these unexpected and everyday impacts of climate change, as it’s these that have the potential to wake us all up to the new reality. 

Literatuurverwijzing: Goggins, D., Goldsmith, C., Grogan, C., Marsh, J., & Smith-Thomas, B. (2018). Game changer: how climate change is impacting sports in the UK. The Climate Coalition.