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Handbook on volunteering of migrants in sport clubs and organisations (2016)

Auteur(s): Des Tomlinson

This handbook has been developed on one hand as a guide for potential volunteers in sport with a migrant background and on the other hand for local clubs and sport organizations interested in involving people from diverse background. The overall vision of the project the project “European Sport Inclusion Network (ESPIN)- Promoting Equal Opportunities of Migrants and Minorities through Volunteering in Sport” is to increase sports participation of disadvantaged groups by promoting equal access to organized sport. A key objective is to increase volunteering of migrants and minorities.

The handbook came about as a result of roundtable discussions, focus group meetings with clubs and partner meetings with people from a migrant background and NGOs involved in sport across seven EU countries. It is split into two parts; the first part gives information to people interested in volunteering, while the second part gives information to clubs interested in attracting/recruiting volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

Literatuurverwijzing: Tomlinson, D. (2016). Handbook on volunteering of migrants in sport clubs and organisations. Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC) and Football Association of Ireland (FAI).