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HCSC (2011)

appendix, technical implementation

The “Healthy Children in Sound Communities” (HCSC) final report on technical implementation of the project is divided into two volumes. This volume is the appendix of this project.

The appendix includes five sections:

  • Section A is a reprint of the application form of chapter 2 of our application “Information on the project – Action for which the grant is requested” for the HCSC project submitted to the EC EAC Sport unit in August 2009 according to their “call for preparatory action in the field of physical activity and health”.
  • In section B the complete data of the HCSC project is provided as a handbook. It documents all descriptive data of the empirical implementation and evaluation study of the project according to the application form.
  • In section C all programmes/topics of the meetings/minutes of the lead partner with second organizations are documented.
  • Section D documents the tools which were used for implementation and evaluation.
  • Finally, in section E selected interim reports and final self-evaluation reports of the national contract partners submitted to the lead partner.
Literatuurverwijzing: (2011). HCSC: appendix, technical implementation. Essen: WGI & Deutsche Sportjugend.

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