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Impact of the UK stages of the Tour de France 2014 (2014)

three inspirational days

In July 2014, the eyes of the world were on Yorkshire, Cambridge, Essex and London as they staged the first three stages of the 2014 Tour de France. The Tour is the largest annual global sporting event, and the oldest and most iconic cycle race in the world. This report sets out the findings of a comprehensive research programme to assess the economic and social impact of staging the Yorkshire Grand Départ and the Cambridge to London third stage of the 2014 Tour. The impacts were analysed using a nationally recognised and accepted methodology (eventIMPACTS).

Literatuurverwijzing: Leeds City Council, Transport for London, TDfHUB2014 ltd, UK Sport, & Welcome to Yorkshire (2014). Impact of the UK stages of the Tour de France 2014: three inspirational days. tdfHUB2014 ltd.