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Intrinsic motivation and flow in skateboarding (2010)

an ethnographic study

Auteur(s): T. Seifert, C. Hedderson

Intrinsic motivation was examined in a spontaneous and natural context by observing and interviewing skateboarders as they engaged in their sport. At the same time, the flow phenomenon and its relationship to intrinsic motivation was explored. Data were collected from twenty skateboarders. Results indicated being intrinsically motivated can be a rich, subjective experience characterized by a sense of freedom, euphoria and efficacy, challenge and satisfaction. Likewise, flow is a rich, subjective experience characterized by peak performance, heightened concentration, positive affect, and transcendence.

Literatuurverwijzing: Seifert, T., & Hedderson, C. (2010). Intrinsic motivation and flow in skateboarding: an ethnographic study. J Happiness Stud (pp. 277–292)

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