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Leading diverse teams (2012)

perceived, preferred, and self-rated leadership behavior of korfball coaches

Auteur(s): Willem Jan Bruning

The aim of this master thesis is to give insight into leading diverse teams. Transformational and transactional behavior of leaders have dominated modern leadership literature since both terms were introduced over three decades ago. Since then, the transformational/transactional paradigm has been researched in many different contexts, e.g. politics, sports, and business. The Charismatic Leadership in Organizations (CLIO) and the Revised Leadership Scale for Sport (RLSS) questionnaire were used to investigate the preferences of diverse team members in leader behavior. 150 korfball players and 17 korfball coaches participated in this research, and were asked to fill in both questionnaires. The results revealed that transformational behavior is preferred over autocratic and passive leadership, based on differences in gender, age, and experience. Transactional behavior is equally and sometimes even more preferred by korfball players than transformational behavior. These behaviors were more preferred than perceived, coaches rated themselves higher in transactional behavior than was perceived by players, and transformational behavior of the coach was more preferred by players than rated by the coach.

Literatuurverwijzing: Bruning, W.J. (2012). Leading diverse teams: perceived, preferred, and self-rated leadership behavior of korfball coaches. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam.