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Mapping sport coaching policy in Europe (2020)

research report

The primary objective of the PEAK project is to promote and support good governance in sport by delivering a set of coaching policy recommendations for use by national and European sport federations, coaching bodies and governments.

Six guiding questions underpin this objective, and give shape and focus to the project: 

  1. What roles, responsibilities, and statuses do coaching currently hold in the overall sport strategies of national governments within the European Union?
  2. What policies, programmes and decision-making processes currently exist in European countries to develop and enhance coaching systems; regulate coaching to improve its quality and ensure the safety of all participants in sport, especially children?
  3. Do European and National Sport Federations have policies and programmes that aim to regulate or stimulate coaching development?
  4. What are the best practices currently available for the inclusion of coaching development in an organization’s strategic plan based on which criteria?
  5. What evidence-based strategies and practices are available to increase opportunities for women in coaching?
  6. What evidence-based strategies and practices are needed to enhance the effectiveness of good governance measures in the practice of sport coaching?

The goal of the following research report is to set the context and background for the project. This report aims to do so by providing a clear, accessible overview of the ‘state of the art’ in Coaching, and its related domains. Data is obtained from a variety of sources, including policy documents, academic literature, expert surveys and in-depth interviews. Ultimately, the results from this research report will help to establish recommendations related to the Framework for Good Practice and the related Self-Assessment Tool.

Literatuurverwijzing: Moustakas, L., Petry, K., & Lara-Bercial, S. (2020). Mapping sport coaching policy in Europe: research report. Cologne: Institute of European Sport Development and Leisure Studies.