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Marketing of Olympic sport organisations (2005)

Expand your understanding of the unique strategic and operational marketing issues that Olympic sport organisations and their stakeholders face. This book offers valuable insight into the purposes of Olympic sport organisations as well as the differences between profit-motivated sport business and not-for-profit sport organisations. The book also shows you how to integrate the two increasingly similar concepts into your marketing strategy. The book covers the second of three courses in the MEMOS (Marketing of Olympic Sport Organisations) programme. It addresses in detail the combination of social and economic issues within the Olympic movement that create unique challenges and influence the effectiveness of marketing, sponsorship and sales programmes for sport organisations. A key issue is how to successfully intertwine the businessoriented concepts of a for-profit organisation with the lifestyle and social aspects of marketing for a non-profit group. These concepts can be applied to any sport marketing organisation. Each chapter in this publication contains a case study from a different European country that shows how different sport organisations have marketed themselves and improved their standing. 

Literatuurverwijzing: Ferrand, A., & Torrigiani, L. (2005). Marketing of Olympic sport organisations. Champaign: Human Kinetics.

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