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Methodological manual for a sport satellite account (2012)

Within the European Union (EU) there is a growing demand for sound and internationally comparable economic statistics on sport. The European Commission set up an EU Working Group on Sport and Economics (EU WG) in 2006 to develop a common European approach for measuring the economic importance of sport. An important step of the EU WG toward the development of a harmonised framework for sport satellite accounts (SSA) is the agreement on the ‘Vilnius definition of sport’. Currently Austria, Cyprus, Poland and the United Kingdom have published national SSA’s in accordance with the recommendations of the EU WG. The Netherlands is next to do so. This manual provides a detailed account of the steps taken and considerations made in the process of constructing the first Dutch SSA. It aims to contribute to the harmonisation and coordination of a European methodology for the construction of SSA.

Literatuurverwijzing: Statistics Netherlands, & Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) (2012). Methodological manual for a sport satellite account. The Hague: Statistics Netherlands.

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