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Mixed martial arts and kickboxing in Amsterdam (2014)

Auteur(s): Zico Broekstra

In this bachelor thesis the popularity of mixed martial arts and kickboxing is researched through literature studies, in-depth interviews and questionnaires. Interviews with three mayor or former mayor organizations of MMA and kickboxing events have been held to see who organizes these events today. All three organizations agreed on doing the best for the fighters; give them the podium they deserve. Since the existence of It’s Showtime from Simon Rutz, fighters started to earn a lot of money through professional kickboxing. The other two organizations took this path that Simon started and went on with it, giving young talent the chance to become starts. To get a picture of who follow lessons in MMA or kickboxing in Amsterdam, 169 questionnaires have been filled in by people following lessons at three different MMA or kickboxing schools. Out of these questionnaires came that most people follow lessons for the workout the sports give, female more often follow lessons for the workout while men also follow lessons because the like the sports and the particular martial arts skills learned. People who like the sport will feel safer on the street due to following lessons for a longer period of time, while people who do it for the workout only feel safer when they get fitter. Men are keen to avoid a fight when they are training for a longer period of time while women do not show a trend towards rather avoiding a fight now they are following lessons in MMA or kickboxing for a longer period of time. That men rather avoid fights after following lessons in more brutal forms of martial arts is in line with the theories about martial arts and the conclusions that came out of the interviews.

Literatuurverwijzing: Broekstra, Z. (2014). Mixed martial arts and kickboxing in Amsterdam. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam.


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    Universiteit van Amsterdam
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