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Motor fitness in Dutch youth (2009)

differences over a 26-year period (1980-2006) (INTERN)

This study aimed to compare neuromotor fitness test scores of 9-12-year-old Dutch youth in 2006 with scores of same aged children in 1980. Body height, body weight and performance on neuromotor fitness test items were measured in 2050 Dutch children from 9 to 12 years in 2006 and were compared with data of 2603 same aged Dutch children measured in 1980 with the same neuromotor fitness test battery. Dutch 9-12 year olds in 2006 were significantly taller and heavier than their peers in 1980. Age- and sex-specific performance on almost all neuromotor fitness test items was significantly worse in 2006. Thus, the data suggest that neuromotor fitness of Dutch youth has significantly decreased over the past 26 years.

Literatuurverwijzing: Runhaar, J., Collard, D.C.M., Singh, A.S., Kemper, H.C.G., Mechelen, W. van, & Chinapaw, M.J.M. (2009). Motor fitness in Dutch youth: differences over a 26-year period (1980-2006) (INTERN). Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 13 (pp. 323-8)


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    Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 13(3): 323-8, Epub 2009 Jul 9, DOI: 10.1016/j.jsams.2009.04.006
  • Mediumsoort:
    Artikel in wetenschappelijk tijdschrift
  • Tijdschrift:
    Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
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