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National knowledge agenda sport and exercise (2016)

from the steps to the podium

With this Knowledge Agenda we are developing a sustainable partnership between universities, universities of applied sciences, sport, local and national government and industry. The Agenda is a unique collection of all research relevant for sport and exercise, expresses a clear vision and strategy, has a strong content and is future proof. The Agenda emphasises a broad multidisciplinary approach: from individual psychological processes to physiological measurements, smart materials and virtual reality. A new aspect is the vital role of big data and data science as a connecting and crossdisciplinary link between the three main themes of this agenda: ‘Improving Performance’, ‘Exercising a lifetime’ and ‘The values of sport’.

The Knowledge Agenda also has international ambitions. In sport research we closely follow the United States and the United Kingdom. Based on current developments, the Netherlands is expected to develop into a major player in this field over the next five years. Universities, universities of applied sciences and other research institutes together form an infrastructure for internationally renowned research. Furthermore, Dutch data science is in the international top. Together with the countries that organise the Olympic Games, we want to develop state-of-the-art knowledge and innovation. The aim is a long-term programme and an international network based around the Olympic cycle.

Er is ook een Nederlandstalige versie van deze Kennisagenda.

Literatuurverwijzing: (2016). National knowledge agenda sport and exercise: from the steps to the podium. The Hague: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.