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Perceived discrimination in the Netherlands (2014)

There is no systematic structure in the Netherlands for mapping out the discrimination experiences of different groups in different areas of society. As in many other countries, discrimination studies in the Netherlands mostly focus on the experiences of specific groups, on specific domains or on specific types of discrimination. This study aims to chart the extent to which residents of the Netherlands perceive that they are subject to discrimination, from the perspectives of group identities, discrimination grounds and societal domains. In addition, it highlights the consequences that people attach to their experiences. The study shows that different types of perceived discrimination are associated with different groups, and are related to the way in which groups are perceived in Dutch society.

Literatuurverwijzing: Andriessen, I., Fernee, H., & Wittebrood, K. (2014). Perceived discrimination in the Netherlands. The Hague: The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP).