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Pesten (2012)

visie en aanpak van sporttrainers bij semi-contact sporten

This study examined the visons and practices of sports coaches of children, aged 8 to 12 years, regarding bullying and victimization. Twelve in-depth interviews were to access information regarding noticing and treating bullying and subsequently analysed according to a qualitative method. Coaches pointed out they barely notice bullying at their sport club. If bullying did occur, it happens at locations without supervision. Most participants valued bullying as a problem. Coaches practiced on bullying by starting conversations with those involved. This approach, based on their own experiences, seems effective. Protocols and methods regarding bullying at sport clubs do not exist. The implications of this study are (1) more supervision, (2) clear behavioral rules, (3) unambigious protocols, and (4) more coaching to young sport coaches.

Literatuurverwijzing: Vor, J.M. de, Hamerlinck, I., Hoogen, C.A. van den, & Vos, S.P.B. (2012). Pesten: visie en aanpak van sporttrainers bij semi-contact sporten. Utrecht: Universiteit Utrecht.