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Physical activity in type 2 diabetes care (2021)

a critical narrative study

Auteur(s): Mirjam Stuij

How do people with type 2 diabetes relate to the message that they should exercise more because it is good for their health? How do experiences with taking responsibility for health affect their experiences?

Based on many scientific studies, physical activity (including exercise) is considered an important topic in type 2 diabetes care. At the same time, it is a difficult topic; physical inactivity is considered an important cause of type 2 diabetes. This means that healthcare professionals are instructed to stimulate people who generally are less inclined to be active, to be more active.

How do healthcare professionals experience physical activity as a topic of care? What can we learn of inspiring practices, like walking groups organised by healthcare professionals? The central aim of this dissertation is to offer in-depth insights into experiences with physical activity as a topic of care for people with type 2 diabetes, and into openings for physical activity care.

These insights come from several empirical studies using a qualitative narrative approach, which means an explicit inclusion of the broader social-political, research and healthcare context, in order to understand how individuals make sense of their experiences. Based on stories of people with type 2 diabetes and healthcare professionals and (participant) observations, the author of this dissertation reflects on what we can learn of these experiences and how we can further improve physical activity care for people with type 2 diabetes.

Literatuurverwijzing: Stuij, M. (2021). Physical activity in type 2 diabetes care: a critical narrative study. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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