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Physical literacy, physical activity and health (2019)

toward an evidence-informed conceptual model

Physical literacy provides a powerful lens for examining movement in relation to physical activity and motor skill outcomes, environmental context, and broader social and affective learning processes. To date, limited consideration has been given to the role physical literacy plays in promoting positive health behaviours. There is no clear conceptual framework based on existing empirical evidence that links physical literacy to health, nor has an evidence-informed case been made for such a position. The purpose of this paper is to (1) present a conceptual model positioning physical literacy as a health determinant, and (2) present evidence in support of physical literacy as a health determinant, drawing on research largely from outside physical education.

Literatuurverwijzing: Cairney, J., Dudley, D., Kwan, M., Bulten, R., & Kriellaars, D. (2019). Physical literacy, physical activity and health: toward an evidence-informed conceptual model. Sports Medicine

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