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Relationship marketing in sports (2013)

retention of sponsors

Auteur(s): Rutger de Vries

The purpose of this study is to identify different sponsors based on their level of loyalty towards Heracles Almelo. For the management of Heracles Almelo this report is an advice and provides an overview of the positions of existing sponsors based on their loyalty level. The methodology that has been used for this study are depth-interviews. This study is based on qualitative measurement. This bachelor thesis provides descriptive evidence of the relationship marketing orientation on customer; sponsorship loyalty. There are several concepts in sports management that can identify the level of loyalty from a sponsor towards Heracles Almelo and in general professional sporting organisations. Relationship Marketing is one of the key strategic issues for the managers of Heracles Almelo for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with their sponsors. 

Literatuurverwijzing: Vries, R. de (2013). Relationship marketing in sports: retention of sponsors. Enschede: Universiteit Twente.