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Sport for women in urban places (SWUP) (2019)

newsletter July 2019

This (last) newsletter contains a legacy of tools and publications for engaging women in practical physical activity in public spaces.

The project Sports for Women in Urban Places (SWUP) aims at gathering evidence on why and how to better create and direct women friendly outdoor Sport and Recreational Physical Activities (SRPA) spaces in urban environments.

SWUP is a cooperation between several European partners, coordinated by ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy. Conducting a survey amongst the adult population in the participating cities is one of the activities in the project; this activity was coordinated by the Mulier Institute.

Data collection took place amongst adult residents of five South and Eastern European cities: Corbetta (Italy), Granollers (Spain), Guimarães (Portugal), Ramnicu Sarat (Romania) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Literatuurverwijzing: (2019). Sport for women in urban places (SWUP): newsletter July 2019. Strasbourg: ALDA.