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Strategy for stopping steroids (2012)

Use of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids and other similar doping substances is a substantial problem in Europe – primarily among young men – which until recently has not been given much attention. Steroids and similar doping substances can have serious physical, psychological and social side-effects for the individual user, and the substances also constitute a societal problem due to the user’s health problems and behaviour. In the White Paper on Sport launched in 2007, the European Commission points out that doping constitutes a threat to sport and a serious threat to the health of the individual using doping. The Commission also states that one must focus upon the fight against doping both in law enforcement initiatives as well as in health and prevention, and do so at a European level. Finally, the Commission recommends that trade in illicit doping substances be treated in the same manner as trade in illicit drugs throughout the EU. This report illustrates the current situation and the work performed in relation to all aspects of fitness doping – from production and trafficking to young men’s focus on the muscular body and prevention to health risks and treatment of users. It is the aim that the report should represent “good practice” and serve as inspiration for other countries in the EU keen on working with doping in the fitness sector. The report is a result of the collaboration between: (1) Anti Doping Danmark – Anti Doping Denmark; (2) Dopingautoriteit – Anti-Doping Authority, the Netherlands; (3) STAD – Stockholm Prevents Alcohol and Drug Problems; (4) Sweden, Instytut Sportu – Polish Institute of Sport, represented by Polish Commission Against Doping in Sport; (5) CyADA – Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority.

Literatuurverwijzing: Johannisson, M.R., Warnecke, M., Berget, J., Coumans, B., Wassink, H., Rehnman Wigstad, C., ... Petrou, M. (2012). Strategy for stopping steroids. Broendby: Anti Doping Denmark.


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    Anti Doping Denmark
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