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The economic benefits of a more physically active population (2019)

an international analysis

This report examines the potential economic benefits of physical activity. Specifically, it looks at the potential gains in economic output and healthcare expenditure savings under different physical activity improvement scenarios at the population level.

In essence, in order to achieve the study objectives, the study aims to answer the following research questions:

  1. What are the potential global economic benefits associated with getting people to be more physically active and how do the economic effects vary by country?
    • What is the contribution of premature mortality associated with insufficient physical activity?
    • What is the contribution of insufficient physical activity associated with workplace productivity?
  2. What level of healthcare expenditure could be saved?
  3. What can public policy and private stakeholders do in order to improve physical activity levels at the population level?
Literatuurverwijzing: Hafner, M., Yerushalmi, E., Phillips, W., Pollard, J., Deshpande, A., Whitmore, M., ... Stolk, C. van (2019). The economic benefits of a more physically active population: an international analysis. RAND Europe.