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The geopolitical economy of sport (2023)

power, politics, money and the state

This book defines and explores the geopolitical economy of sport – the intersection of power, politics, money and state interests that both exploit and shape elite sport around the world.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the global response, and the consequent ramifications for sport have put the geopolitical economy of sport front and centre in both public debate and academic thinking.

Similarly, the Winter Olympics in Beijing and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar illustrate the political, economic, and geographic imperatives that shape modern sport.

This book brings together studies from around the world to describe this new geopolitical economy of sport, from the way in which countries use natural resource revenues, accusations of sport washing, and the deployment of sport for soft power purposes, to the way in which sport has become a focus for industrial development.

Literatuurverwijzing: Chadwick, S., Widdop, P., & Goldman, M.M. (2023). The geopolitical economy of sport: power, politics, money and the state. Oxon: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

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