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The health & wellbeing benefits of swimming (2017)

individually, societally, economically, nationally

Auteur(s): Ann Gates, Ian Cumming

Whether it’s for leisure, pleasure or competition, swimming is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing. These are the key themes from a scientific report commissioned by Swim England on the health and wellbeing benefits of swimming. The evidence from this report is an important landmark and shows that:

  • Swimming is one of England’s most popular sports
  • Swimming may be associated with a decrease in early death due to cardiovascular disease and any other cause
  • Swimming can have a number of health and wellbeing benefits for individuals, patients, communities, the public and the nation
  • There is emerging scientific data for the physical and mental health benefits of swimming
  • Research on swimming and health benefits is sparse and sporadic. Specific areas of further research need to be developed
  • The future now offers opportunities for Swim England to lead on a strategy that engages with and retains the public passion for swimming for health and wellbeing
Literatuurverwijzing: Gates, A., & Cumming, I. (2017). The health & wellbeing benefits of swimming: individually, societally, economically, nationally. Swim England Swimming and Health Commission.