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The national sports agreement (2018)

sport unites the Netherlands

Engelstalige versie van het Sportakkoord.

The idea behind this Sports Agreement is that we want to make sport enjoyable for everyone, Truly everyone. Now and in the future. Without any restrictions. In a safe and healthy environment. As a sportsperson, volunteer or spectator.

Our signatures represent the first step to achieving this goal. A step we are taking with a large number of partners. Together we have formulated 6 ambitions. In 2021 – when the Sports Agreement ends – we should be able to see the fruits of our labours, for sportspeople, sports providers and for the Netherlands as a whole.

In order to realise the ambitions laid down in the Sports Agreement the government is investing over € 400 million every year up to and including 2021.

The provincial authorities, municipalities, the sports sector itself, social organisations and the business community are all contributing funds to help achieve the ambitions in the Sports Agreement. Their investment will be several times the annual contribution by the national government each year.

A few examples: € 180 million will be made available to local sports coaches (from 2,900 to a total of 3,625 fte). The government and municipalities will pay for this together. The government will also spend € 10 million on sports events every year. Associations, provincial authorities/municipalities and the business community will pay at least the same amount. In addition to this € 87 million in government subsidies will be made available to sports providers that invest in modernising their facilities.

Five of our six ambitions are briefly described below, along with examples of what we are actually going to do. The plan for the sixth ambition entitled ‘Elite sport inspires’ is still being drawn up. It will follow later on because we do not want to change the conditions for elite athletes now who are preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Literatuurverwijzing: (2018). The national sports agreement: sport unites the Netherlands. Den Haag: Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport.