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The true story of Great Britain's Paralympic heroes (2011)

Auteur(s): Cathy Wood

Across a broad spectrum of Paralympian sport, British athletes have excelled, winning a staggering 42 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and a second-place finish in the medals table. Against this backdrop of genuine sporting prowess, this book examines and celebrates the lives and achievements of British sportsmen and women.

Starting with an introduction that explains the history and ethos of the whole Paralympic movement, the book takes a thematic look at what it takes to be an elite Paralympian. It weaves together each athlete’s early years, how they started to develop their sporting potential, the friends, family and coaches who supported them, how they accessed funding, their training, and eventually their elite athlete successes.

It also tells the story of able-bodied people who became Paralympians following accidents. Featuring first-hand interviews throughout, the passions and aspirations of this amazing collection of athletes shines through to produce an inspirational read.

Literatuurverwijzing: Wood, C. (2011). The true story of Great Britain's Paralympic heroes. London: Carlton Books Limited.

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