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Understanding and addressing inequalities in physical activity (2021)

evidence-based guidance for commissioners

Organisatie(s): Public Health England

This report presents the findings of a study, conducted at the University of Derby, which aimed to further understand levels of inequalities in physical activity across and within protected characteristic groups. It is hoped that this information will be useful for commissioners, from a variety of sectors, to proactively work towards equal opportunities for all individuals in health and wellbeing.

Three major themes are identified as considerations for action by practitioners and commissioners:

  • enablers, barriers, and identifying opportunity
  • community consultation, engagement, and partnership
  • adopting a holistic approach for protected characteristics and intersectionality

The document concludes with a full set of recommendations for commissioners and practitioners to consider when designing services and interventions locally.

Literatuurverwijzing: Public Health England (2021). Understanding and addressing inequalities in physical activity: evidence-based guidance for commissioners. Public Health England.