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What do we know about capacity building? (2001)

an overview of existing knowledge and good practice

Auteur(s): Anneli Milèn

The World Health Organization as an intergovernmental specialised agency has the task and challenge to support its member governments in strengthening their capacity to steer their health systems. This figures prominently in the recent World Health Report, in which stewardship is ranked as the most important of the health system functions. In the Report, stewardship is defined as a “function of a government responsible for the welfare of the population, and concerned about the trust and legitimacy with which its activities are viewed by the citizenry”. This overview on capacity building covers the recent thinking on the issue and provides information relevant to strengthening capacities also in the stewardship role of the governments.

Literatuurverwijzing: Milèn, A. (2001). What do we know about capacity building?: an overview of existing knowledge and good practice. Genève: World Health Organization.